Auswan is championing Australia’s fine wine pedigree, bringing the nations unique and unparalleled wines all around the world. In creating iconic wines from superb Australian vineyards like the Auswan Creek 1908 Centenarian Barossa Valley vineyard, 200 years of winemaking history is continued, yet a new winemaking legacy is created. The Auswan brand, which portrays the Swan’s elegance with a bunch of grapes in her beak, is an epitome of the natural beauty of the Australian viticultural landscape.

Auswan has a vision to make Australian wine increasingly ubiquitous – for the world to Taste Australia

 Barossa Valley | 2017 Vintage

1908 Centenarian Barossa Shiraz

Crafted with hand selected shiraz from our rare 1908 Barossa Valley Centenarian Vineyard, this 6 star jewel of Barossa represents the rich history while celebrating the glorious present of Australian Viticulture

Different Regions | 2017/2018 Vintage

Diplomat Series

Three different vine ages, three unique locations, three distinct diplomats.

Auswan Creek’s Diplomat series is a renaissance of business negotiations with the introduction of the corporate ‘business card’. The Diplomat series sets the bar combining fine packaging and premium wines.

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